Don’t Let Hepatitis C Ruin Your Chance at Obtaining Life Insurance

Just because someone has hepatitis C, doesn’t mean that they are no longer able to secure life insurance with hepatitis C. This is an assumption that is made by most people and even some insurance agents. Not only is it possible to get life insurance, it is still possible to get standard rates. So before you decide to give up on trying to get it, try and find some experts that have dealt with the same type of situation in the past. A reputable company that you could use would be Root Financial. They have already proven themselves as experts when dealing with clients that have hepatitis C and have secured insurance policies for many of them. You are probably wondering what the process would be and what they would need to know in order for you to get a quote. So, to help out, we are going to cover that information.

Obtaining a simple quote can be as easy as going to a website, but in reality, everyone is different. There is no set policy for people with hepatitis C, so in order to get an accurate quote, your insurance agent is going to need as much information from you as possible. Before we go into all of the details of what information you will need, let’s take a look at the two major aspects that is considered when determining if you qualify or not.

Understand That There Are 2 Main Things That Determines Your Life Insurance Policy

The first and most obvious aspect would be if you have/ are in remission. Being in remission reduces the risk to insurance companies, which allows them many more options to offer you. The longer you have been in remission, the better, but any indication of it will help increase your chances by a great amount. The next thing is going to be all about how much damage you have already sustained. Having liver damage doesn’t completely remove your chances at life insurance, but it is safe to say that the less damage you have, the greater your applications will be accepted. There have even been many cases where minimal damaged people were still able to get standard life insurance rates.


So What Information Is Necessary

The information that you will need might be a little bit overwhelming at first, but once you have it all, you will have a much more pleasant experience trying to secure a life insurance policy. Most of this information will be required anyways, so having it up front will make things go much smoother. So to start out, you are going to need to provide all the details of your health conditions. Not just hepatitis C, so make sure you can provide that information. Dates you were diagnosed, how they were diagnosed, etc. Having the results of any scans will also be a good idea. Biopsies, CT scans, MRIs, etc.

Once you have all that information, you will also need to include any medication you are taking or have taken in the past (unless you get no exam life insurance). Make sure to know when exactly you started them, and if you have since stopped, the last time you took them. Also include any type of self medication you may take, such as alcohol. You are going to need to provide the details of your intake of alcohol regardless, so be ready to provide an answer.

Basically, the more information you can provide regarding your health conditions, the better chance you will have at securing an affordable life insurance policy. Remember that the insurance companies can do their own investigation, so anything you leave out, they might find anyways.

Author: Belinda Broido

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