Health and Safety Advice for Company Bosses in 2015

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We all know how dangerous some workplaces can be. You might have a lot of heavy equipment knocking around, or your workers might engage in perilous activities. Either way, it is vital that all company bosses learn to deal with health and safety properly. In the past, it wasn’t such a huge issue. However, it is entirely possible that anyone who suffers an injury while working for you might try to claim these days. That could bankrupt your firm and send you back to the gutter. Nobody wants that to happen, which is why we’ve published a post with some great health and safety advice this morning. While you need to take a unique approach based on the nature of your operations, the tips below should be a good starting point.

Employ a Health and Safety Adviser

If your company has more than around fifty employees, it might be time to get a health and safety adviser on-board. You can employ someone with a background and qualifications in the industry, or you could train someone from within your team. There are many good health and safety courses on offer these days, so it won’t take long to bring them up to speed. You could even allow them to do most of the learning over the internet with the help of Praxis 42 and competing experts. We are living in the digital age, after all. It makes sense to use technology to your advantage.

Hold Regular Health and Safety Meetings

As you will spend most of your time dealing with matters in the office, it is your team members who are best placed to highlight any potential health and safety issues. With that in mind, you should give them the opportunity to raise any concerns at least once each week. Either hold dedicated meetings or make yourself available to them. That way, you can crush any issues before something goes wrong. Of course, the best way of avoiding injury in the workplace is to educate your workers properly. So, you should still pay for some extra training wherever possible. That is especially the case if you’ve recently purchased some new machinery. It might be a big expense, but it could be enough to cover your company if anything goes wrong.

Make Monthly Assessments

You need to perform risk assessments every single month on every task your workers perform. It only takes a couple of hours to do that, and so there is no excuse for overlooking our suggestion. At the end of the day, risk assessments should make it clear which tasks present the highest level of danger. So, you can make sure you only use your most trusted and knowledgeable workers to handle those endeavours. Letting someone new use a machine that could kill them is never going to be a wise move. Some people are just more prone to accidents.

So long as you take all that advice and implement it in your business, the chances of you suffering at the hands of health and safety issues should decrease. Good luck for the next few months, we hope you manage to get everything up and running smoothly.

Author: Richard Casteel

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