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Many startups that aren’t already actively receiving money from investors might not be aware that modern means of communication may very well be the best tool in their arsenal to make them an attractive and worthwhile investment opportunity. In the modern business world, there are many stories of new companies receiving a large chunk of their startup funds through institutional investors. Behind the scenes of these transactions, however, many measures are taken by the potential investor to ensure that the business has a well-oiled operational system in place, both before and after the funding changes hands. Here’s a look at a few ways today’s companies can help turn themselves into attractive and reliable institutional investment opportunities.

Today’s world features a multitude of ways to stay in touch with your clients, whether through email, social media, or the ever expanding field of mobile communication. There’s no reason not to use these outlets to keep both potential and current investors up to date with your business operations.

Taking Your Home Page to the Next Level

An emerging trend among companies is to use their own unique websites to keep investors in the loop by posting financial information regularly. Since some of this information is sensitive, it’s a good idea to create a secure login system for your investors on a special sub site created specifically for them (for example, “”). Use sophisticated investor relations software to dedicate pages to real time charts and data that make your investors feel as if they are part of the team. This information should also provide the numbers they need to decide whether they want to keep their current levels of investment, buy more shares, or sell, based on projected and current returns.

Email is Not Dead

Most commonly, companies send out periodic newsletters and press releases to keep all interested parties in touch with the important inner workings of the business. A good practice is to focus on milestones and ongoing projects but also stay predictable and regular with how often your reports are released. Sending out these newsletters via electronic communication is acceptable – often preferred – in today’s world due to its cost-saving nature, instantaneous access and easy production. Conveniently, many of today’s investor relations software has this sort of regular update capacity built in, as communication is widely considered the number one way to keep a good relationship.

Organization is Key

When using newsletters and other transmitted media, it is extremely important to keep your investor contact list updated and organized. A good way to separate investors from other business contacts is to correspond with them using a special email address, such as “” When dealing with investor relations management, you’ll often have spreadsheets full of useful data, including contact information, perhaps sorted by the size of investment. The latest and greatest software can integrate these spreadsheets into your system, adding an extra level of convenience and organization to your investor relations management.

While all of these methods are easy ways to promote growth and results, perhaps the most important part of communication is keeping up with it. New ways are constantly emerging to keep the lines of communication open, and it works to your benefit to keep an eye on how latest trends can help your business secure and maintain institutional investment funding.

Author: Richard Casteel

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