These Huge IPOs Will Hit The Stock Market In 2015. Watch Out For Them

2014 was the biggest year for Initial Public Offerings (IPO) since 2000. Looking towards the year ahead suggests that 2015 will be even bigger. The coming year will see some of the biggest startups in the world floated on the stock market for the first time. It creates a feeding frenzy amongst investors and a company’s true value finally reveals itself. In 2014 it was the tech IPOs that performed best, and that trend looks set to continue.

An IPO is a new stock market launch. It is the point at which a company turns from a private company to a public company. Shares of stock are sold to an institutional investor (usually a bank). In turn, these are then sold on to the public through the stock market. At this point they are at the mercy of stock market fluctuations and public investment. It is a difficult time for new companies but it can be incredibly lucrative.

Because of the difficulties, many companies hold off for years before floating on the stock exchange. As you’ll see in the list below, some of the companies have been around for well over a decade. We are only just emerging from a period of economic slowdown. It has been a poor time to launch a new stock, but now we are entering a recovery period. It is now a lucrative time to introduce new shares and companies are taking advantage. Here are some of the biggest to look out for in 2015.


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AirBnB is an ingenious company that allows users to host their property as a hotel. Guests can browse through thousands of apartments, rooms and houses. They simply select their destination and find a friendly host for the duration of their stay. Those with a spare room or empty apartment simply list it on AirBnB. When a traveller seeks a place to stay, they’ll contact the host through AirBnB. The platform is already used the world over and has a valuation of $1billion.


Spotify is one of the most disruptive new services in the world of music. It has entirely changed the industry and thrown it into chaos. Spotify offers unlimited streaming of music without the need for purchase. It has brought up strong debate about ownership of music and royalty payments to artists. Some artists, like Taylor Swift, have even pulled their music from the platform. They claim that music should be valued and paid for. Regardless of your own views on the topic, Spotify is one the biggest new companies on the planet. It is valued at $4billion and looks set to go public in 2015. If you’re looking to start trading, a strong new company like Spotify is a good investment.


The cloud storage service is one of the pioneers of this future technology. The future looks set to exist entirely on cloud services. They allow users to access files, information and media through the internet. It reduces the need for large hard-drives and paper copies of documents. It is safe, secure and allows the efficient transfer of data. Its true test will be turning its users into regular paying customers. The current premium version is yet to take off in a big way. It also has a big competitor in the business world in ‘Box’. Box also floats on the stock market in 2015. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the two companies.


Snapchat made huge headlines this year when it turned down a $3billion acquisition attempt from Facebook. This was a bold move by Snapchat’s 23 year old CEO. However, it may have paid off. Snapchat’s popularity has soared. The app allows users to send photos that self destruct within a set time. Simple, but the best ideas always are. Snapchat has brought on experts from Alibaba and Yahoo to help its IPO strategy. Its value is now closer to $10billion. Snapchat is an inspiration for tech startups everywhere. With one idea and a couple of Regus serviced offices, you could create something worth billions.


The controversial taxi company holds the largest pre IPO value of any company ever. It is the single most valuable startup in history at $41billion. Its unique taxi service has revolutionised city travel. The company relies on an app to book and deliver taxis. Uber is efficient and powerful. All eyes will be on the lucrative startup as it hits the stock market in 2015.


GoDaddy is one of those companies that has been around for a long time. In fact, it initially planned an IPO launch in 2004. It pulled out due to the poor health of the tech market. Finally, ten years later, GoDaddy is ready to hit the market. The company delivers domain names and provides web hosting for its users. Put simply, it rents small spaces of the internet where users can host websites. It provides them with their own url and monitors their space. They have also just launched a website building tool which will engage its users further.


Vice are a media company that do things differently. They offer a stark insight into news coverage and cover topics that others daren’t. For their bravery and intrigue, they have won over a loyal community. Since their humble beginnings as a magazine, they have moved online. They have also built a film production arm and spread roots into music, politics and other media avenues. They are staunchly different to all other news outlets and provide a stark and refreshingly honest look at the world. They are gearing up for another huge round of funding in 2015 and a potential IPO launch.


Square is a portable device that allows users to accept credit card payments on the fly. It attaches to a smartphone and takes payments away from the till. Businesses are just beginning to explore how this will be useful. It could represent a big change in the way we do business. Its CEO has denied that it will appear on the stock market in 2015, but close commentators think otherwise.

2015 is set to be another huge year for IPOs. A quick glance at the companies on this list suggests exactly that. 2015’s lineup is a veritable who’s who of the biggest names in startups. Keep a close eye on them as they hit the stock market this year.

Author: Richard Casteel

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