How Agile Can Help Lift Your Project Off the Ground

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Are you looking for ways of kickstarting your new software project? If so, Agile project management could be the way forward for you. If you have a good plan in place, it is a great way of focusing on what needs doing and getting to a point close to launching. Let’s look a little further into how Agile can help your business ideas.

Common Project Issues

Lots of people have great ideas, but very few can make them come to fruition. Even if you get started, there are a host of things that can slow your progress or complicate things. Once that starts happening, you will find that your time isn’t being used wisely. You will also notice you are wasting money in extra costs.

Enter Agile

Agile is a project management process that was developed by programmers, for programmers. It helps you split your project into chunks and focuses on collaboration and on-the-spot decision-making. It places more value on what the team can do, rather than what they have to do. It also allows changes to occur within a set plan. The result is a project management process that is highly adaptable and superb for getting to a point where you are happy with a particular iteration of a project.

Prioritizing With Agile

The major benefit of Agile project management is that it requires the involvement of decision-making. In other words, it gets things done. Teams are set up to work in ‘sprints’, which are in place to get a product from stage ‘x’ to stage ‘y’. Discussion is key, and the ‘agile’ way of working allows decisions to be made about the value of a particular component of the project. You may not end up with everything you wanted when you started, but you will have a working product that includes its most valuable features.

How to Get Started

If you haven’t got any project management experience, think about hiring a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner. Someone with PMI-ACP training will have a broad knowledge of Agile techniques, including kanban, scrum, lean and XP. You could even learn how to use it yourself, but if you want to get a project off the ground quickly, it is worth the investment of hiring a specialist. They don’t come cheap but will handle your project with efficiency and skill.

Key Tools

There are a lot of software tools that help you through the Agile process. Products such as Scrumwise and Atlassian’s JIRA are complex but excellent once you get to grips with them. Pivotal Tracker is another good option. It has a simple interface and is lightweight and easy to use. Try it if you are just getting started with Agile project management. If you can’t afford to invest in project management software, you can even get an Agile process started with post-it notes on a wall. Just stick up your to-do list and move them into a middle point when they are being worked on, and over to the right when they are complete. This is Agile at its most basic – but it works!

Hopefully, you will have an understanding of how Agile can help get you started. If you have any other project management tips, please let us know in the comments below.

Author: Richard Casteel

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