Hospital Budgets Have Been Slashed – How to Make Those Much Needed Renovations

The cost of medical care is ever increasing and even so, there never seems to be enough funding to meet the needs of a community when it comes to outdated hospitals in the area. Renovations are needed to add new, often state-of-the-art, departments but where is the money going to come from? While the following thoughts may provide a bit of advice on how to accomplish those renovations on a tight budget, it is also important to keep the safety and needs of your patients in mind.

Quality is a Major Concern

Before looking at ways to cut costs in order to make those renovations, it is important to remember that you are serving people who are ill and, worst case scenario, may be dying. Hospitals cannot afford to let quality suffer because of cost. Let’s look at one small example of how ignoring quality to cut costs can be a major detriment to what you are trying to accomplish.

Think about the new doors you are putting on that wing you are renovating to make a new ultrasound lab. Pregnant women go in and out by the score day after day. If you use cheap hospital door hardware, there will come a point when it will simply deteriorate, not doing what it needs to.

Now think about those hinges! If they should come off while a mom-to-be is going through and should injure her and/or her unborn child the moral and legal implications are huge. Most ethical construction companies rely on Stanley Hinges in hospitals because they are a trusted brand built for durability and reliability. Do they cost more? Maybe, but what would it cost if that door malfunctioned injuring someone?

If the Funds Just aren’t There

There are a number of ways you can complete hospital renovations even if the funds are not available. We have all seen those plaques lining the walls of hospital wings where generous donors have pledged funds to build additional wings or purchase new, more efficient hospital equipment. That is just one way to add funds to the building coffers but you have other options as well.

Some hospitals make their renovations slowly in stages over a planned period of time. Beginning with the most critical renovations they work through that until funding becomes available for the next stage. By doing this the administrators and board of directors can ensure that only quality materials are used and that each stage meets or exceeds expectations. Just remember that hospitals are already dealing with patients (and their families) in varying degrees of need. To lose focus on that would be doing a disservice to both those who enter the doors and the hospital itself.

Take the time to plan your renovations well and go about finding funds prior to committing to making those changes. If you use a well thought out scheme and utilize fundraisers who are expert in the field, you can and will make those much needed renovations. Simply remember that you may need to do it in stages but that is better than skimping on necessities. What is it they say? Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your hospital, so take it slowly and you will eventually get there. Patience for patients – that’s your motto so live by it and all will be well.

Author: Richard Casteel

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