Ease the Emotional and Financial Toll of Your Funeral

Designing a final needs plan ahead of time is a financially savvy and emotionally responsible decision. Without one in place, your family is left with organizing a funeral that they might not have the savings to pay for. With a plan, you create a memorial plan set to your liking, so that there’s no question about how you’d prefer your funeral to be arranged. By setting aside money each month, you can also ensure that when you pass on, your family will never have to worry about how they’ll cover the cost of your funeral.

When you establish a final needs plan, you’ll meet with an executor to go over your options and your preferences. You have complete control over what takes place during your ceremony, deciding on the size of your service and the religious or cultural requirements. During your consultations, you can also decide on a monument, so that you can be assured you end up with the burial plot that you’ve always wanted. Your executor will record all of your preferences, ensuring that they will be followed when the times comes. Your loved ones will never be at a loss as to what you would have wanted, saving them the stress of questioning your preferences.

Your final needs plan will also be assigned to a representative who will be responsible for the paperwork your death will produce. This experienced representative will contact the Government of Canada, any financial institutions you hold accounts with, and any other body that requires official notification of your death. He or she will fill out the necessary forms to cancel licences and your SIN, in addition to notifying insurance firms and the government about paying out benefits. While this representative is busy with the paperwork, your family can spend time grieving properly. They will never wonder about how to complete or file any document, as an experienced professional will do it for them.

When you first meet with your executor, you’ll discuss how much you’d like to set aside to cover the costs of your funeral. Unfortunately, the cost of funerals is on a steady increase of 4% each year. Partly due to inflation, the prices will continue to increase as you continue to live your life. You might wonder at what cost your funeral will finally end up being; however, when you contact The Elephas Group, you can plan for a funeral with any budget. With plans as low as $5 a month, they want to ensure that anyone can set aside enough money to cover anything. To see what $5 a month gets you, visit Theelephasgroup.ca.

By creating a final needs plan, you’ll set aside enough funds to cover the funeral that you would like. With on in place, you’ll never worry that you’re leaving behind unmanageable expenses that your loved ones will struggle to cover. Instead, you’ll ensure that everything is covered; your family won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Author: Richard Casteel

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