Second Jobs That You Will Enjoy

Times are tough and when times get tough, sustaining a home on a single income can be close to impossible, especially if you have a family to support. That’s why more and more UK workers are looking to second jobs for that extra bit of income that will keep them in the black, and their children fed and clothed. You might be forgiven for thinking that a second job might mean a generic retail or office post, but there are in fact a number of professions perfectly suited for those of us looking for a supplemental income. Here we’ll look at two of the most flexible and exciting.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s perfectly possible that you could be well schooled in the ways of the internet and digital marketing and yet not be familiar with the term “Affiliate Marketing,” it’s possible, but not likely. Affiliate marketing has changed the way many people make a living online and it’s only picking up traction as the years wear on. It can also be done from home and in your own time, making it the perfect potential second job for those with a mind for words, above average technological skills, and an ability to create Tactical Solutions for a number of problems.

In the most basic possible terms, affiliate marketing is making money by referring people to products or services they can purchase online. More companies than ever before are using affiliates as a means of driving traffic to their sites, as affiliates are only paid when they get results. This means affiliate marketing is an incredibly cost-effective tool for the companies and a potential goldmine for savvy blog and website owners. The seeds of affiliate marketing were sewn decades ago, when shop keeper would hire members of the public to stand outside their stores convincing passers-by to come in. They were paid a commission for every person who entered the store through them and walked out with a purchase. The same basic principle rings true for affiliate marketers, only there is no physical store. Commissions can range from as little as 1% on big ticket items to as much as 75% on digital products and affiliates will either be paid on a ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per sale’ basis. Affiliates will generally demand a larger percentage for a ‘PPS’ contract, for obvious reasons.

For individuals hoping to make a second income online, affiliate marketing can be incredibly lucrative if it’s used to its full potential. If you’re already an established blogger with your own niche carved out for example, becoming an affiliate could net you a significant income. As an affiliate, it’s generally free to sign up and you can effectively earn limitless amounts through on-site ads and content designed to promote your partners products. Becoming an affiliate is as simple as joining an affiliate program, hundreds of which you’ll be able to discover with a simple search online. Some companies (such as Amazon, with their “Associates” program) have their own in-house affiliate programs, but most companies will outsource to affiliate networks, who will have spent years building a base of affiliates. Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to start generating regular content that relates to the product or service in question. The more content you create, and the better quality it is, the more chance you’ll have of generating decent sales.

Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping is a profession that many of us probably don’t even realise exist, and yet, as the UK’s consumers continue to flock online in their droves, the sector is booming. Essentially, the concept behind secret shopping is simple; you’ll act as a covert customer at a variety of retail outlets, hotels, cinemas, banks and more, and your job will be to make notes about your experience and answer a series of questions relating to your experience. This information will be relayed to whichever Secret Shopping Company you’re working for and they will pass it back to their clients, who will either be a marketing research company, or the company you were tasked with investigating. They will use the information to improve their company.

It’s a profession open to anyone with a driver’s licence (you WILL be asked to travel quite a bit) and an affability with the general public, but it’s not without it’s drawbacks (but then what profession is?). One of the common qualms noted by secret shoppers is that they are generally required to do a lot of travelling. Indeed, shoppers can be expected to drive at least 20,000 miles a year in some cases. However, all petrol costs and hotel stays will be reimbursed and many agencies will also compensate you for car depreciation. It is perhaps inadvisable to take on full-time work as a secret shopper, however, as whilst there are over 500,000 mystery shoppers in the UK, only 10% of them get regular work because it’s such a competitive market. That’s what makes it such a fantastic source of secondary income though, and there are hundreds of agencies in the UK ready and waiting for you.

Author: Richard Casteel

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