My Dubai Vacation – More than Just a Rest

Three weeks ago I visited Dubai as a tourist. I fell in love immediately. And the next thought was: “This city is so full of life! And most people in the streets seem to be tourists. How much do local hotels earn?!” (I’m a businessman and cannot forget about money matters even on vacation)). After some googling I found shocking stats: Dubai hotels earned $6.53 bln. during last year only! And the number of tourists came to 13+ mln!

I could not stop calculating and went on enlarging upon the idea of investing into a Dubai hotel.

The decision came sooner than I expected. Strolling along The Walk promenade, I noticed a stand of one of Dubai developers – The First Group. I came to the stand to talk about their projects. Most of their hotels are sold out, but there is still a chance to invest in one of the latest Dubai Marina developments.

I was offered to look at older and newer projects the next day. When I came to TECOM, I regretted that Metro Central units are sold out and impossible to invest in. This hotel is really great.

But my regrets (almost) vanished when I saw the construction site for The One Dubai Marina hotel. It will be built at the very heart of the Dubai Marina district. My intuition told me it was the ideal variant. So I went home from Dubai with a strong intention to make my first payment within the nearest month.

Anatoly Maximov
Astana, Kazakhstan

Author: Richard Casteel

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