The Impact Of The Tech World On The Law Industry

In the same way that the tech world has redefined our methods of interaction and approaches to corporate communication, it has also had a huge impact on the legal profession. As with the business and advertising sectors, there are some enterprises that have kept abreast of the changes – they have adapted their PR policies, introduced social media training, and established social media pages.

There are others who have been left behind, and the truth is that the line between the two can be rather thin, particularly if your business has not yet considered its role in this ever shifting spotlight. In order to take advantage of industry developments, you first need to understand them, so the question has to be – how has the evolution of technology changed the legal profession?

Legal Success In A Changing World

The tech world has brought about many changes within the legal profession, from the way in which legal advisors get ready for trials to how they interact with clients and other legal experts. As the workforce becomes increasingly ‘mobilised,’ in terms of its use of mobile content sharing devices, industry priorities have had to shift and change alongside it.

For example, a much more strategic approach to data security is needed now that so many legal organisations are using the internet to communicate with clients. This has encouraged many law firms to acquire extra resources for the purpose of safeguarding networks and securing private information. In addition, many law firms have begun to use technology to pinpoint financial weaknesses and reduce costs.

The Importance Of Social Media

Whilst an increased reliance on social media and sharing platforms can mean that potential security issues expand, the risk is usually outweighed by the benefits to cost, communication, efficiency, and exposure. In other words, if sensitive data is properly protected, social media platforms can be a great way to reach out to new clients, advertise your services, and gain a loyal following.

With 50% of legal firms planning to increase spending on technology over the next three years, the industry is clearly prepared to invest heavily in the security and flexibility which mobile devices, content sharing platforms, and social media can provide. Plus, with the help of a next generation legal advisors like Jennifer Douglas Abubakar, clients without access to these technological resources no longer have to worry about being at a disadvantage. You can learn more about her experience in law, and see Jennifer Jamilah Douglas-Abubakar called to the bar online.

Time To Level The Playing Field

This is important because one of the main downsides to an increasing reliance on technology is the fact that not all clients have the means to interact with these resources. If some clients can afford smartphones and laptops, and some cannot, there is always a chance that the legal advantage will be against the latter.

The meeting of the tech and legal worlds was an inevitable development, just as the union of the advertising and tech worlds, or the commerce and tech worlds. It is a pattern that continues to be seen right across our industries, but for the legal sector particularly, it is of great importance. It functions not just as a social leveller for the legal organisations themselves, but for their clients too.

Author: Richard Casteel

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