Best and Reliable Platform for Managing EIS Portfolios

Ever since its launch in the year 1994, The Enterprise Investment Scheme provides for a great deal of tax reliefs to UK investors. This scheme was created with the intention of uplifting the business opportunities and expanding business operation in the area. The scheme was set up for the purpose of encouraging smaller businesses and companies to function successfully across the United Kingdom.

It needs to be understood that most people are apprehensive about investing in companies that are not listed in stock exchanges and this makes it difficult for the business to expand and grow. This is why the EIS scheme was introduced in the first place and the tax relief is provided as a compensation for the kind of risk that investors take.

The best thing about EIS is the fact that it offers both capital gains and income tax relief. It needs to be understood that the UK’s industrial and business economy has been on the downside for the past few year and this scheme has definitely brought it alive.

Tax Benefits Expected

  • 30% income tax relief that is offered upfront
  • Tax free growth of business
  • 100% relief from inheritance tax
  • Relief from tax for loss of investment

Though the tax benefits are provided to the investors there are lots of other complications that are found surrounding EIS portfolios and an expert and professional help is needed in order to get all the gain possible out of this scheme. This is where Kuber comes across as a great support.

Why Kuber?

Kuber is a perfect platform for managing, administering and streamlining all the EIS portfolios that are live. The platform simplifies the complexities surrounding the area and provides for a great deal of relief to those who face problems managing everything together.

How We Will Be Supporting You?

There are lots of benefits that you would derive out of using Kuber which happens to be a great platform for bringing about perfect management process to the whole area. With this Kuber support, you will be able to get,

  • Instant accessibility to an extensive range of EIS portfolios
  • Makes life simple by offering payment system and applications at one place altogether
  • Investment diversifications that are related to EIS portfolios and Managers that helps to bring down the risk factor and increase great control.

These are just few of the benefits that are listed here and there are many more that is known to provide a great deal of assistance. The most attractive aspect about this particular platform is the fact that it offers the perfect way to monitor all the transactions and also facilitates the tracking of all EIS investment portfolio at once.

If you are interested in taking up the EIS scheme and find it quite overwhelming to manage all affairs related to it then Kuber would be able to provide complete professional assistance all along. You can make use of this most comprehensive platform and make your contributions accordingly.

Author: Richard Casteel

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