Is a Digital CR System Right for your Veterinary Practice?

When you run a vet business, it’s hard to strike a balance between profits and animal care. As a healthcare professional and animal lover, of course the well being of animals comes first – but you also need to create the right climate for growth and profitability. Digital radiography systems are a great investment and provide you with higher quality animal care, but choosing a system is tough. You need to consider the technology, quality, service and support behind a system. Here we take a closer look at the digital CR systems available, and what advantages they bring.

Computer Radiology Technology

Computer Radiology (CR) systems use imaging plates in order to produce a digital image. The plates are taken from the machine and are used in a specialist CR reader that produces a digital image of the studied body part. The system of generating these images is familiar to many people who worked in the past with film X-ray systems. The digital CR system provides the opportunity for time saving as well as increased effectiveness and efficiency in X-ray. Using CR technology you do benefit from enhanced image quality, which is important when you want to offer the best quality of care to your patients, according to CR is a well-developed, well-tested and mature technology and when it is used in the veterinary situation you can be sure it has been designed with the specific needs of surgeries in mind.

Features of New Digital CR Machines

As technology advances, so too does cr system technology. CR may be a long established technology but it is important that when you choose a system for your practice, you look at the newest systems that directly help your work. For example, digital CR imaging devices on the market today are smaller, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever before. New devices designed for optimum imaging produce sharp images within a few seconds, and in a package that is much smaller than before. This makes for impressive portability and convenience, which is particularly important when you are working in a small space.

Advantages of Digital CR

Digital CR systems are also used in human health, which means that there is guaranteed support for the hardware and software updates that will continue for the foreseeable future – you can benefit from an up to date system whenever you need it. CR systems are often more cost-effective than DR systems, too, which is an important consideration.

What to Look for in a CR System

When looking at different CR options for your veterinary practice, consider how well the plates function and how often they can be used, how easy the technology is to operate (remember that you will often be under considerable pressure of time when carrying out digital imaging), how quick it is to learn, and the quality of service and support extended by the supplier. This is important as you need to ensure that any issues or problems will be swiftly dealt with in order to minimise any downtime for your veterinary practice.

Author: Richard Casteel

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