Worldcore Payment Solution for Personal Use

WorldCoreOver the past years, the internet has become an everyday destination for consumers across the globe. Definitely, technology has made lives so much easier. There has been an explosive growth in the field of internet retail. A lot of people just want to order things online and wait for their goods or services to come right at their doorstep. One of the largest technological innovations in the commerce, finance and banking areas is electronic payment. This system enables consumers to carry out financial transactions in an electronic way.

Convenience is the greatest benefit of e-payments. People can pay their bills and buy something at modern stores any time of the day. Worldcore is a famous online payment system that makes it easier for individuals to send and receive payments no matter where they are.

Individual Account

People who want to use Worldcore can create an individual account. This financial instrument is designed for those who take pleasure from managing their payments. With this tool, online payment transactions are made quick and easy. After the verification process, account holders can already acces all financial services that Worldcore offers. Consumers can get paid with bank wire through their Worldcore account, apply for a prepaid debit card at Worldcore so they can convert their balance into cash, buy or withdraw any e-currencies supported by Worldcore or make global money transfer over the web. Also, with Worldcore, it is possible for them to send multi-currency bank transfers for services and goods. These can be done in just a matter of seconds at the platform. All payments that a Worldcore account holder makes to another Worldcore account holder are free of charge and done instantly.

Individual Account

Worldcore for Personal Finance

Worldcore service is available round the clock and comes with a convenient and simple interface. It boasts of great customer service and a big set of useful materials. What a person should do is to open a Worldcore account and pass the verification of his identity as a compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) requirements.

The application can get approval within 48 hours from submission. Account security at Worldcore is made while ensuring that outgoing payments will require extra one-time code authorization which can be completed by e-mail or SMS. The use of SMS authorization is recommended to guarantee better security. Worldcore ensures its customers that its payment system runs on a secure encrypted https connection which makes Worldcore service comfortable and safe to use.

Worldcore for Personal Finance

Available Opportunities

Worldcore accepts payments for goods or jobs to bank details offered by Worldcore. Customers can sell, purchase or pay for goods or services using their Worldcore account balance. Also, they can load their account with any supported electronic currencies and withdraw their funds in euros or USD to any Mastercard/Visa or bank account across the globe at low fees. Free internal payments can be done to any account holders at Worldcore. Customers can order unlimited number of prepaid debit cards at Worldcore so they can convert their account balance into cash at many ATMS throughout the world with only a few clicks.

WorldCore Individual Accounts

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