Rescue One Financial Reviews and Helps New Businesses

One of the biggest challenges for a new business has nothing to do with demand for its product or skill of its employees.

It has nothing to do with marketing or customer service.

Of course, these things are all critical for success, but there’s something even more important that dooms many ventures to failure.

It’s cash flow, the ability to meet expenses while you’re waiting on revenue from accounts receivable.

Rescue One Financial can help a business overcome this obstacle with loans that provide a bridge over these troubled waters. Here are xx reasons why a Rescue One Financial bridge loan could be the right solution for your business:

Low rates – We will connect you with a lender that offers some of the lowest, most competitive rates on the market.

Easy underwriting guidelines – Unlike other lenders who will base their decision on your personal credit, Rescue One Financial’s lending partners focus on your business. Specifically, your receivables will determine your loan eligibility. If we see the documentation of your receivables, it’s clear that you’ll soon have the money to repay the loan.

Fast approvals – Because we operate a business too, we know how important it is to quickly receive a decision on your loan application. You have bills to pay and resources to procure. Our lenders typically can make a decision on whether to approve a loan request within a day. The cash can then quickly be deposited in the business’ checking account.

Author: Richard Casteel

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