Not Enough People Visiting Your Website? Check Out These Crucial Tips

The importance of a strong website cannot be overstated. Well, okay, maybe it can. Some articles on the Internet seem to write about it so bombastically that you’d think the only thing you need to succeed is a good website. But, of course, this isn’t true. A great website needs to be accompanied by a great company in order to find true success. But you do need to remember that this can work the other way round, too. A great company needs to be bolstered by a great website. Otherwise, you really are squandering great opportunities and potentially putting your company at risk.

It’s not enough to have a space on the Internet that is yours that you simply fill with information you believe is pertinent to customers. One of the best things you can do for your business is make a website that people want to visit more than once. It’s something that needs to stick in their memory.



One of the keys to succeeding in this arena is content. It is, arguably, the most important thing to consider here. It should be combined with great design, too – the best websites are a combination of style and substance, after all – but we’ll get to that later.

So how do you define ‘content’ in the context of your business? Well, there’s the obvious ‘core content’. This is the stuff that’s always going to be at the forefront of your website. The company information, contact details, information about your products or services. But if you want people to keep visiting your website, you should offer them a little more. What many businesses are doing these days are using blogs that are frequently updated. News stories or opinion pieces relevant to your industry will keep the kind of people visiting your site revisiting in the future.



Let’s say you run a video game studio. Your website could include a blog that features news about the video game industry and some opinion pieces on new releases. You could also keep readers up to date on the progress of your own projects. If you own a real estate business, you could have blog posts about the health of the market, or help pieces about entering the market. One of the best things you can do is have daily or near-daily updates. That you do this will be evident to first-time readers, which will intrigue them further.

Of course, as implied earlier, you need to have style to go with that substance. The fact is that humans are still very much drawn to shiny and pretty things. If the design of website looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 1990s, then even the best content in the world isn’t going to draw people in. Unless you’re Piero Scaruffi, of course. But what works for Scaruffi is very unlikely to work for your business.



Working with a web design agency is probably your best bet here. While you could look into doing the design yourself, it might be best left to professionals. I would only recommend doing it yourself if the business you’re running is a web design business! It may bode too well if people see that you went with a competitor to design your own website for your web design company. But assuming that’s not the business you’re running, I would stress the importance of leaving it to someone else. Web design is a multifaceted and extremely important thing. It’s more complex than you might currently imagine. It not only needs to look gorgeous. It will also require vigorous user experience testing. The chances are that not only one design will be worked on. Several design ideas may be worked on simultaneously, which will then be worked through in order to narrow the selection down to one.

You also need to remember the existence of social media. Sure, this means making sure your company has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. But you also need to remember this when working on your actual website. When people see something they like, they very often want other people to see it. So you need to include some form of sharing feature on your website.



Widgets can be installed that will allow people to share content over social media platforms instantly. You can also add a button that will let someone instantly ‘like’ your content on Facebook. Depending on the user’s Facebook settings, this can make your page visible to their friends without them having to share it directly.

The more worthy your website is of revisiting, the more visits you’re going to get. And not just repeat visitors – newcomers will flock to your website if it’s good enough to be revisited. Of course, that will depend on a strong marketing campaign!

Author: Richard Casteel

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