Expert Strategies to Make Your Business More Robust

If you want your business to be able to be robust and withstand the battering of the market, you need to have some strategies in place. These strategies, of course, requires lots of planning and the desire within your organisation to get them right. But if you don’t prepare, your business will remain weak and vulnerable. If you do prepare and implement the right strategies, you’ll be stronger and able to weather the storm. Here are some expert strategies to make your business more robust.


Robust businesses tend to know their customer base really well. Why? Because it’s the customer base that ultimately decides whether the business succeeds or fails. The most robust businesses have a clear picture of what their customers want. They speak their language and they understand their needs. That’s why we so often see the best companies reaching out to their clients with surveys or consulting with them in person.

Another thing the best companies try to do is to embed their services in the structure of another company. Of course, embedded services are crucial because they provide constant revenue. Robust companies receive retainer fees from a wide variety of businesses on an ongoing basis.

Then, finally, robust companies review their marketing procedures. They’re ruthless about what is working and what isn’t and make adjustments accordingly.


The whole purpose of your operational strategy is to make sure that your business is built around meeting the needs of the customer. Those companies with the best operations are the ones most able to meet customer needs. And those most able to meet customer needs are those that are the most robust.

It goes without saying that you need to make a great impression and deliver products on time and to order. But you also need to ensure that your operations continue unabated. Part of that will involve forging relationships with many different ancillary companies. You will need professionals who can service equipment and provide onsite hose replacement at a moment’s notice. And you’ll also need to outsource sensibly. Keeping overheads down and avoiding unnecessary risks is a vital part of becoming a more robust company.



When it comes to sales, most businesses think that they have to drive as many as they can to be secure and profitable. But when you really think about it, this isn’t the case. Many small businesses rely on a small group of select customers. And so their very survival depends on the goodwill and happiness of these customers. Some customers, however, can never be pleased, no matter how hard you try. And so it’s often worth being selective about which customers you decide to take on and which you don’t. Sure, all your clients are probably willing to pay you. But there are many other costs in terms of your time and energy that goes into customer relationships. Avoiding these bad customers can actually be a good thing for your business and make it more robust.

Author: Richard Casteel

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