Please, Come Back! How to Keep Customer Loyalty


Loyalty isn’t a virtue that many people value these days. In fact, there are people that would sell their own mother for a few bucks. As a business owner, this isn’t a good thing. You have to keep your customers loyal if you want to be successful. But, how are you supposed to do that if they are not inherently loyal? It is a good question, and one that you need to figure out soon if you don’t want your sales to drop. Before you start to get all panicky, you should know that you can maintain customer loyalty. Even better, you can find the solutions underneath.

Don’t Break Promises

It is so easy to say you are going to do one thing and do another. The majority of businesses don’t mean it, but it still comes back to haunt them with their customers. With this in mind, you should always be sure you can do what you say you can do if you are going to make a promise. A sure-fire way to lose a customer is to lose their trust, and a broken promise will one-hundred percent affect your relationship. A good option is to never make a promise in the first place. As bad as it sounds, customers respect the honesty because they understand you can’t promise it will happen. A quick line like, ‘I can’t promise but I will try my best’ goes a long way. Plus, it keeps you out of trouble.


Give Them What They Want

What customers want isn’t as hard a question as businesses like to think. In most cases, it is as easy a few cents off a particular product because everyone loves a bargain. In others, it’s as easy as making their shopping experience as quick and painless as possible. All you have to do is figure what they want and implement it into your business procedures. For example, a credit card reader is a great way to make shopping less hassle. Or, a ten percent sale is a good way to reduce prices and raise sales. It isn’t rocket science so keep it simple and you’ll reap the rewards.

Make Them Feel Special

Loyal customers don’t just want the above – they want to feel as if it is all for them. And, you should make them feel valued if you value their loyalty. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to a special gift or promotion. The most obvious one is a price reduction for being a loyal customer. If you do it as a surprise it is even more likely to keep them coming back for more. Customers don’t even need to save money to feel special. A personalised thank you message is an example of how to keep in touch without seeming tacky.


Keep In Touch

The quest for new customers can lead to neglect. Neglect isn’t a good way to keep people loyal, so you need to multitask. While you are trying to attract new customers, don’t forget about the old ones. You should never forget to reply to their messages and answer their queries whenever applicable.

When customers feel left out in the cold they often make a change.

Author: Richard Casteel

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