Why Every Business Should Encourage Their Employees to Take Vacation Time

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In the short-term, encouraging your employees to take vacation time from work might not seem like the greatest of ideas. You’ll need to pay them for their time off using any vacation hours that they have accrued, along with the need to ensure that somebody is there to take over their role during their absence. So, why should employers be encouraging their workers to take more vacation time? Actually, there are several benefits that can be had from giving your employees more time off. Here are just some of them.

#1. Better Productivity

Research shows that employees who are regularly encouraged to take their vacation time tend to be more productive at work and have better results than those who haven’t had any time off in ages. The science behind this is very simple. Working for too long without a break can lead to a drop in productivity and motivation, so giving your employees the chance to take some time off to recuperate and chill out without the stresses of work for a few days or weeks will bring them back feeling refreshed and ready to take on any tasks assigned to them. Whether they’re planning a relaxing vacation in the sun or want to go wild boar hunting, encouraging your employees to take some time to do activities they enjoy can lead to better productivity levels overall.

#2. More Employee Loyalty

There’s no denying that employees who feel that they don’t ever have the chance to take some time off and enjoy themselves after working hard for so long won’t often feel loyal to the company that they work for. When you’re working day in, day out for a company, then you should always be entitled to take your vacation hours and spend some time doing non-work related activities that are important to you. Recognising that this is an important part of your employees’ lives will earn you some serious respect from them, and they’ll be more likely to stick around in the long-term.

#3. Increased Workplace Morale

Have you ever noticed that when an employee returns from a vacation, they’re usually in a much better mood than usual, and more likely to be friendly and helpful towards other members of staff? Maybe you’ve even done it yourself – it’s not unusual for employees to return from vacation with gifts or trinkets for their friends and colleagues in the workplace. Encouraging your employees to enjoy their vacation time will improve their own well-being and happiness, which will transfer to the workplace on their return and boost the overall morale.

#4. Better Recruitment Prospects

Lastly, whilst all companies will offer their employees some kind of paid leave, it’s rare to find an organization that actively encourages employees to take vacation time from work. By implementing this into your company policies, you can better stand out from your competition when recruiting and use it to your advantage to get more top talent working for you.

Employees who are encouraged to take their vacation time are usually more productive and happier at work.

Author: Richard Casteel

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