How to Stay Up to Date with the Stock Market

If you are an investor or simply interested in the stock market, you need to stay up to date with the market trends. Accurate information is important for investors. You cannot rely on your financial adviser to keep you updated. Some events around the world may affect the profitability of your investment. When you keep up with the latest news, you can make timely decisions to sell or buy stocks to avoid or minimize losses. Here are some ways to keep up with the stock market.

Television and Radio Shows

International media channels host finance shows that discuss all the current events in different markets, including the stock market. You can follow stock market news on BBC, CNN, Fox News, and CNBC. The finance shows often discuss the news of the day around the world. Get the updates and then weed out personal opinions. The analysis and opinions of the panellists may be wrong but the facts are right. If you have no time to watch the news, you can get the same updates on the radio. Your interest should be getting real-time facts and then use your intelligence and experience to make the best move.

Online Magazines and Journals

Some people prefer to read than to listen or watch the news. If you are in this category, you have multiple resources online to stay updated. Financial journals like Financial Times, Kiplinger, Barron, and The Wall Street have all the current news on economic and investment trends. The journals and magazines specialize in stories that may affect investments and markets. You will also get useful advice on how to respond to the news as an investor. You can find online finance magazines on sites like Save the websites on your computer or subscribe to their publications for real-time updates.

Mobile Applications

Most media channels have mobile applications that you can download and install on your smartphone. You get instant notifications on your phone on the current news. Most news channels will only notify you of events that have a huge effect on people. You can also choose the type of news to subscribe to and turn off notifications at any time. Some applications on app stores are specifically designed for market information. Such apps are the best to download if you are just interested in market information.

Google Alerts

Google enables users to set alerts on their accounts with specific keywords or phrases. When you set an alert, you will get notifications of all articles or news items posted online with the phrases or keywords given. Be specific about the type of market information that you need to get specific results. For instance, you can set alerts for all events that affect stock prices in a specific market. The advantage of this option is that you get stories posted on all websites available on Google.


Real-time data is important to investors in the stock market. Some events may affect prices within hours as investors respond to the change. Current information technology enables you to get real-time updates on the trends of different stocks and markets. You can make timely decisions with real-time data. Do not rely on one source of information. Subscribe to different channels of communication including financial news, television, and radio shows, and online magazines to stay updated.

Author: Richard Casteel

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