Mistakes to Avoid if You Want a Successful Acting Career

There are tons of websites that carry important, effective and excellent advice on how to build your budding acting career. Most of these online portals have excellent advice and in some cases, such as “career activate”, they have extensive study material, home study courses, and even one-on-one counseling. What they do for your acting careers is amazing as they provided much-needed insider information and help you find breakthroughs. While all this seems perfect, there are very few portals that provide much-needed information about mistakes or pitfalls that you need to avoid in your acting career. So, here are some of the mistakes that most people make:

Ignore the basics: Most people make the mistake of thinking too far ahead without bothering to polish the essentials. Some of the essentials for any actor would include perfect headshots, business cards and an enrollment in an acting class. It does not matter how many successful acting projects you may have in your kitty, making the effort for a perfect headshot is more than just critical. You may be at the best networking events or film festivals but if you do not have a good business card to handover to the important people you meet there, you may have missed the perfect opportunity to make an impression.

Underestimate the value of classes: it does not matter how successful your career is, what matters is how much you are willing to work to take it further! Anne Hathaway and Sylvester Stallone are some of the great actors who continue to take classes with well-known coaches. What is great is that most of these coaches are also directors who may be able to give you advice based on their own experiences. Not only is this valuable but it looks remarkable on your resume as well.

Attitude: If you are inexperienced, then you are most likely to have an attitude. Having a demanding and uncompromising attitude can really mar your chances of getting a part or a role that you are being considered for. For instance, if you are being considered for a small part in a movie and you show up late on the sets, or consider fighting with the director, actors or producers. When it is the time for you to show up and make the right impression, a wrong or a bad attitude can throw a wrench in the gears!

I need an Agent: You are your own best agent and that is the truth! Nobody can market you as well as you can do yourself. So, learn the fine art of networking and ensure that you present your best self at film festivals which are visited by some of the biggest directors, actors, and producers. Find out what you know about the best film festivals and meet up with independent directors who are always on the lookout for new talent.
Being successful in your acting career is about persisting with your dream but it also means avoiding mistakes others have made!

Author: Richard Casteel

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