Starting Your Own Dental Practice: 3 Need-to-Know Tips

As a dentist, you have already chosen a lucrative career path that comes with high success rates. Around the world, people are always in need of somebody to care for the health and appearance of their teeth and mouth. However, for many dentists, working for somebody else simply isn’t enough. If this is the case for you, then you may have already pondered the idea of setting up your own dental practice. We’ve put together some top tips to help you on the route to success.

Tip #1. Do Some Homework:

Although the failure rate for dental practices is relatively low compared with other business types, this doesn’t mean that it never happens. When a dental practice fails, it’s almost always down to the fact that the owner failed to anticipate the type of challenges they’re likely to face – in short, they didn’t do any research or homework beforehand. As soon as you’ve made a firm decision to start your own practice, you should start exploring the possibilities of what lies ahead. Speak to other practice owners about their experiences, and ask them if they would do anything differently now, knowing what they know today.

Tip #2. Get the Right Team:

As a dental practice owner, it’s going to be impossible to do everything all by yourself. Whilst you may be a trained and very talented dentist, chances are that your patients might want to see a professional when you’re not available, or (hopefully!) you’ll end up having too large of a patient base to treat all on your own. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to employ the right support team, including dental nurses, assistants and receptionists who will all be tasked with making sure that your patients are well cared for and satisfied. Taking the time to select the right people for the job is essential, as your team can make or break your brand. You can also use Salaries Hub to determine the kind of salaries that you’ll expect to pay your team of dental professionals.

Tip #3. Have a Business Plan:

As a dentist, your training so far has likely been in the medical side of things – in fact, for many new dental practice owners, running a business isn’t something that was covered during their college degree. You fully understand the importance of specific and comprehensive treatment plans for your patients; now you will need a similar type of plan for your new business. A solid business plan is going to be key to your success, especially initially when it will be necessary for securing funding for your dental practice, via a bank loan or investment. Unless you’re well-versed in business, it’s a wise idea to seek support for putting together your dental practice business plan – a business or financial advisor can be a very worthwhile investment, or you can get templates and further resources from lenders who specialize in working with dental practices.

Running your own dental practice comes with several awesome benefits, including more career flexibility, higher earning potential, and the opportunity to create a strong reputation for yourself as a medical professional.

Author: Richard Casteel

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